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Klangbeutel Nr. 243
update vom 20. Dezember 2015
Grafische Partitur zu "Odyssee" von Sukhi Kang und Folkmar Hein, 1984
Partitur: copyright by Sukhi Kang und Folkmar Hein
Internationale Dokumentation Elektroakustischer Musik [EMDoku]
Text von Folkmar Hein
The main aim of the database is to function as a work of reference, to mediate access to electroacoustic music, to obtain information about the original work, to locate the holding archive, to loan the medium out, to receive additional documents, to perform the work in public, and last but not least, to hear the piece via a safe login. The present database has been tenaciously developed over the past 25 years in international cooperation with many institutions, composers and researchers all over the world. Finally, the entire structure of the database system was optimised.
The database is directed first and foremost at music researchers, composers, and the staff of numerous studios worldwide. Through these individuals and groups, it is hoped that ever-widening contact will be established with music producers and organisers, with editors of publishing houses, radio stations, newspapers, with libraries and training centres, and with all other interested parties the world over.
Informationen zur Arbeit von Folkmar Hein bei Musik-Film-Marathon und Navs.modular.Lab.
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