Rolf Langebartels
Internetprojekt Soundbag

Klangbeutel Nr. 43
update vom 06. November 1999
Sony 1/2 track
Uher 1/4 track
Pioneer 1/4 track
5 piggyback Marshall Tube
Amps in series

Arbitor distortor (Jimi's)
Marantz Preamps
Marantz Amps
Altec Voice of America
Monitor Speakers

Sennheiser Headphones

Drone cognizance and harmonic possibilities
vis a vis
Lamont Young's Dream Music

Rock orientation, melodically
disguised, i.e. drag

Avoidance of any type of atonality.
Electro-Voice high filter microphones
Fender Tremolo Unit
Sunn Tremolo Unit
Ring Modulator/Octave Relay Jump
Fender Dual Showman Boss Amp with
Reverb Unit (Pre-Columbia) white
No Synthesizers
No Arp
No Instruments?
— 10 db + 57db
— 20 hz — + 30,000 hz
— 12 kz — +28,000 kz

Distortion 0.02 bass
and treble ceilings

Combinations and Permutations
built upon constant harmonic
Density Increase and Melodic

No panning
No phasing
Lou Reed
Metal Machine Music , 1975 (Ausschnitt 01:20 Minuten)
The Amine β Ring, An Electronic Instrumental Composition
Text von Lou Reed zur seiner Metal Machine Music

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