Lou Reed
Metal Machine Music

Passion-REALISM was the key. The records were letters. Real letters from me to certain other people. Who had and still have basically, no music, be it verbal or instrumental, to listen to. One of the peripheral effects, typically distorted, was what was to be known as heavy metal rock. In Reality it was of course diffuse, obtuse, weak, boring and ultimately an embarrassment. This record is not for parties / dancing / background, romance. This is what I meant by "real" rock, about "real" things. No one I know has listened to it all the way through including myself. It is not meant to be. Start any place you like. Symmetry, mathematical precision, obsessive and detailed accuracy and the vast advantage one has over "modern electronic composers". They, with neither sense of time, melody or emotion, manipulated or no. It's for a certain time and place of mind. It is the only recorded work I know of seriously done as well as possible as a gift if one could call it that, from a part of a certain head, to a few others. Most of you wont like this, and I don't blame you at all. It's not meant for you. At the very least I made it so I had something to listen to. Certainly Misunderstood; Power to Consume (how Bathetic); an idea done respectfully, intelligently, sympathetically and graciously, always with concentration on the first and foremost goal. For that matter, off the record,

I love and adore it. I'm sorry, but not especially, if it turns you off. One record for us and it. I'd harbored hope that the intelligence that once inhabited novels or films would ingest rock. I was, perhaps, wrong, This is the reason Sally Can't Dance — your Rock 'n' Roll Animal. More than a decent try, but hard for us to do badly. Wrong media, unquestionably. This not meant for the market. The agreement one makes with "speed". A specific acknowledgement, A to say the least, very limited market. Rock 'n' Roll Animal makes this possible, funnily enough. The misrepresen- tation succeeds to the point of making possible the appearance of the progenitor. For those for whom the needle is no more than a toothbrush Professionals, no sniffers please, don't confuse superiority (no competition) with violence, power or other justifications. The Tacit speed agreement with Self. We did not start World War I, II, or III. Or the Bay of Pigs, for that Matter Whenever. As way of disclaimer, I am forced to say that, due to stimulation of various centers (remember OOOHHHMMM, etc.), the possible negative contraindications must be pointed out. A record as to, of all things Anyway, hypertense people, etc. possibility of epilepsy (petite mal), psychic motor disorders, etc., etc., etc. My week beats your year.

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© Rolf Langebartels, Berlin 1999