Rolf Langebartels
Edition Giannozzo Berlin

Parallel to the shows in Gallery Giannozzo and in Art Association Giannozzo in Berlin-Charlottenburg Rolf Langebartels published the Edition Giannozzo Berlin.
In the year of 1979 the first volume of the Edition Giannozzo Berlin was released, a series of artist books. The books often were printed in a small number of copies only and often were equipped with an original art work. Among others books by Jan Henderikse, Rolf Julius, Fritz Rahmann, Raffael Rheinsberg, Hermann Pitz were published.
Later on the Edition changed to a music label publishing music cassettes and single records. Editions by Alvin Curran, Felix Hess, Rolf Julius, Takehisa Kosugi, Christina Kubisch, Akio Suzuki among others were released in this series.
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