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Rolf Langebartels

is a sculptor and musician. He has been living in Berlin since 1961.

His central fields of activity are:
 Sculpture  Rolf Langebartels, Sculptures
 Installation  Rolf Langebartels, Installations
 Performance  Rolf Langebartels, Performances
 Music  Rolf Langebartels, Music

A central theme of his work consists in applying the form of musical composition to sculpture.


He presently works on installations using light, sound and kinetic sculptures. These sculptural elements are electronically controlled and follow predefined automatic sequences and sometimes random time patterns too.

Since the beginning of 1999 Rolf Langebartels has been working on his

 Internet project Klangbeutel/Soundbag 

a collection of works relating to Sound Art and Audio Art. He has been publishing both his own contributions and those of other artists, at first on a regular weekly basis and since the year 2000 on an irregular basis. A CD-ROM with the first 100 published Klangbeutel/Soundbags has been published.

The following text of Rolf Langebartels contributes to the theory of sound sculpture, and also to the foundation of sound art in general:

 Sculptural Works with Sound 

In 1997 the International Artists' Center, Poznan, Poland published its catalogue 'Rolf Langebartels, Moving and Sounding Sculptures'. The texts are in English and Polish.

In 1998 the Irrah-Verlag in Berlin published a CD-ROM with a sound recording of his installation 'Falling, 5 kinetic Sound Sculptures' (50 minutes).

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