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  - by Rolf Langebartels

The installations of Rolf Langebartels are site specific, i.e. they relate to the spatial, historic, semantic or other characteristics of the site, where they happen and can be seen. Sometimes they develop symbiotic relations to the site.

In some installations Rolf Langebartels arranges several of his sculptures in a space to form an ensemble. Because of their different particular time structures these sculptures establish an ensemble of events, that pulses following a complex rhythm in space.

 Out of the Blue 

 Artists' Center, Poznan 

 Twinkling Girls - Night Shift 

  • Out of the Blue, Galerie Potocka, Krakow, Poland 1991
  • Without Title, Galerie Satellite, Paris, France 1993
  • Coincidences, Galerie Ermer, Berlin 1994
  • Kinetic and Sounding Sculptures, International Artists' Center, Poznan, Poland 1996
  In other installations Rolf Langebartels includes material into the installation, that he has found at the site. These could be found objects or recorded sounds or photographs, that are taken from the site.

 Ortszeit, Plüschow 

 Ice Age, Konsum Baitz 

  • Ortszeit, Schloß Plüschow, Mecklenburg 1992 (catalogue)
  • Coincidences, Kultur Raum Milbertshofen, München 1992
  • Installation in the Konsum shop, Baitz, Brandenburg 1995 (catalogue)

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