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  - by Rolf Langebartels

Rolf Langebartels designs and builds sound sculptures and balance sculptures.

 Sound Sculptures 

    Movement and sounds characterize the sound sculptures of Rolf Langebartels as event sculptures. Each of his sculptures has its own particular time structure, its own particular rhythm. Following this rhythm the sculpture moves or sounds or emits light. All sculptures are controlled automatically, most of them by a random time structure.

    Arranged together in a space they form an ensemble of events, that pulses in a complex rhythm with sequences and coincidences and pauses.

     Sound Balances 


 Balance Sculptures 

    Like the rays of light in a mirror the forces of gravity reflect themselves in balance. In both cases something is raised from reality and tipped out of it. The person or the thing then present other views, and put new riddles.

    Spaces too could be tipped over into a state of suspension, also times. This could mean another dispension of the real forces. Sometimes this process results in a compensation, in which they remove mutually the real loads from each other.

    Text by Ulrich Giersch, Load Tipper, Catalogue Sip.Berlin,
    Berlin 1985



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