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Out of the Blue

  - kinetic sound installation, 1991

The basis of this kinetic sound installation is an automatic cable car by Rolf Langebartels. A paper folded little ship is hung down from a small car that is moved by an electric motor on a steel cable through the space. Contact microphones at the right and left ends of the steel cable pick up the sounds of the cable, i.e. its longitudinal and transversal vibrations.

These sounds are amplified electro acoustically and can be heard out of the two object loudspeakers on the floor. The loudspeakers are self built in the shape of stars cans. A particular electronic panorama circuit moves the sound synchronously with the movement of the paper ship. When the ship moves to the right, the sound of the steel cable travels to the right stars can loudspeaker, when the little paper ship moves to the left, the sound changes to the left stars can loudspeaker.

The sound installation was first shown in September 1991 at Galeria Potocka, Krakow in Poland.

From the Program Notes to the Cable Car-Laboratory, Installations and concerts in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 1991

 Film Out of the Blue 

  Rolf Langebartels, Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue in Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Berlin 1991
Photo: Rolf Langebartels


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