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Twinkling Girls - Night Shift

  - Galerie Caidoz, New York 1983
  - Galerie Satellite, Paris 1993
Installation of 24 frames, in which each is framed a 3D-stereo postcard and a card with handwritten text. The frames will be arranged on the walls of a space in an accidental manner, partly grouped in clusters of two, three, or four.

The visitor experiences the artwork only, when he moves observing and perceiving in front of the image tableaus. Thereby the pictures become events, which generate temporary relations to the visitor by the twinkling of the eye and the kiss.

The texts of the tableaus come from an English spoken radio broadcast with the title Nightshift. The texts reinforce the relation to the visitor positively and attracting, or reverse this direction, when they abruptly push off the visitor by their partly vulgar meaning.

  3D card Twinkling Girls
3D-stereo postcard and card with handwritten text, copyright Rolf Langebartels


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