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The Art Association Giannozzo was founded in 1986 as the successor of Galerie Giannozzo that Rolf Langebartels began in the year of 1978 in Berlin Charlottenburg. Giannozzo terminated its program in 2007. Since 2008 the association is liquidated und since then registered not any more.

Further information about the art association on Wikipedia. and in Radio Feature about Galerie and Kunstverein Giannozzo
(Broadcasting of Deutschlandradio Kultur by Thomas Groetz on October 28th, 2014).

Joe Jones, The Music Store
Joe Jones, The Music Store, Art Association Giannozzo, March 1990
Renate Anger, Wand und Boden
Renate Anger, Wall and Floor, Art Association Giannozzo, June 1990
The Art Association Giannozzo in Berlin promoted the plastic art of the present. It presented plastic work of artists, who go beyond the conventional concept of sculpture. Emphasis in the program of the art association formed space and site specific artistic work and such, which includes the time dimension into the actual sculptural art, as for instance sound installations.

Giannozzo pursued exclusive and directly non-profit purposes. It financed its work from the annuities of its members, subsidies of the public hand and from donations.

Giannozzo presented work enabled by artists in its own spaces in Suarezstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, in addition, gave artists the opportunity to be active in other situations in the urban space artistically .

During the 90s the focus of the art association was on Festivals with performances, concerts and sound as well as video installations.

The program was accompanied by the attempt to examine the plastic art and the field of work of Giannozzo, in which music, art and science meet. For this purpose the art association organized a series of Symposia.

Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Sleep Well
Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Sleep Well, Art Association Giannozzo, May 1990
Since 1986 the Art Association Giannozzo was led by Rolf Langebartels . Hannes Böhringer, Jan Henderikse, Christine Hoffmann, Gabriele Knapstein, Ralf Samens und Wieland Zeitler were active in the executive committee of the art association.
Giannozzo so far was funded with public means of the Senate Administration for Cultural Affairs, Berlin, the Iniative of New Music, Berlin, the Art Fund, Bad Godesberg, the Artist Program of the German Academic Exchange Service, Berlin, the Academy of the Arts, Berlin and Brandenburg, the German Klassenlotterie, Berlin, the America House, Berlin, the British Council, Berlin, the Siemens AG, Munich, the PSI AG, Berlin and many donations of private persons.

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