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Philip Corner, Gamelan EVERYDAY (outdoors)
Photo: copyright by Rolf Langebartels
Philip Corner
Gamelan EVERYDAY (outdoors)
A composition by Philip Corner for miscellaneous objects, maybe natural or manmade (but no musical instruments). The sounding objects are set up in the order of their perceived pitches, starting with the highest sound down to the lowest; in that way each gets a certain number. All objects are played as percussion elements in that sequential series. At each object the number of hits corresponds to the number of the object in the sequence.
Gallery Giannozzo , Berlin arranged the concert on June 25th, 1983 at Platz am Lietzensee, Berlin. On the invitation card for the concert people were asked to bring sounding objects. Philip Corner examined them for their pitches. For the concert he hanged them from a line between the trees. He played the objects in the direction from the highest sound down to the lowest sound; another player played in reversed direction.
Further information about the work of Philip Corner .
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