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update from January 12th, 2003
Cassette Players and Ear-Pipes, 1986
From the Underground
Soundinstallation by Ulrich Eller, Josef Erben, Hannes Forster,
Rolf Langebartels, Joachim Litty, Eva-Maria Schön, Nanaé Suzuki
Cassette Players and Ear-Pipes
Audio cassette players were placed into the channels under the floor of the exhibition hall. In the whole above each of the players a tube was stuck that ended at the top with a bend. The players played endless cassettes with audio recordings that were recorded by the participating artists just for this work: bird songs and metal cans, voices, saxophone and percussion etc.
Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, Berlin 6.4. bis 4.5.1986, catalogue, artist group Sip.Berlin
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