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update from October 27th, 2005
Aleksander Kolkowski, Portrait in Shellac
Photo: copyright by Anja Fuchs
Aleksander Kolkowski
Portrait in Shellac
Aleksander Kolkowski is faszinated by the huge potential of the Stroh violin or hornviolin for experimental music-making. The instrument was invented in the year 1899 by John Matthias Augustus Stroh (born in Frankfurt am Main 1828, died in London 1914).
Further Aleksander Kolkowski collects and works with shellac discs. Often the sounds of the scratches and the end grooves of the 78 r.p.m. discs are more interesting to him than the music on the disc.
In his compositions he uses both the Stroh Violin and all types of grammophone noise in different ways. Duet "Odeon Männer" for Stroh Violin and Grammophone is taken with the permission of the composer from his CD "Portrait in Shellac".

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further information about the work of Aleksander Kolkowski .
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