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John Cage, ASLSP, sound sequence
Extract from September 5th, 2001 to August 5th, 2026
John Cage
Organ Piece Organ 2/ASLSP
John-Cage-Organ Project in Halberstadt
In 1985 ASLSP was created with the pace indication "as slow as possible" as a version for the piano but in 1987 John Cage changed it for the organ at the suggestion of the organist Gerd Zacher. The John-Cage-Organ Project in Halberstadt was founded to perform the piece.
The piece will be performed for 639 years "as slow as possible". This is because in the year 1361, this means 639 years ago counting from the year 2000, the first great organ of the world, the famous Blockwerk organ by Nicolaus Faber was finished. This organ stood in the cathedral of Halberstadt and was the first one with a claviature of 12 notes.
The performance started on September 5th, 2001, the 89th birthday of John Cage. The duration of one part of the production is 71 years, because ORGAN 2/ASLSP consists of 8 parts and one is being repeated (639 / 9 = 71). The image above shows the sound sequence from the beginning until August 5th, 2026. The first part ends on September 4th, 2072, the second part begins on September 5th, 2072.
The place will be St. Burchardi one of the oldest churches of the city. A pair of bellows in accord with the first Faber organ could be build. Today you can listen to the first triad out of six organ whistles in one small organ that grows during the performance "as slow as possible".
Further information about the John-Cage-Organ Project in Halberstadt, Germany.
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