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update from August 26th, 2020
THE BUZZER basic signal sequence - 20130417
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THE BUZZER voice signal sequence - 20120313
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The Buzzer
Short Wave Radio
The short wave radio with the name UVB-76, Enigma ID S28, sometimes also with the label MDZhB, broadcasts since the year 1973 almost continuously. UVB-76 broadcasts on the frequency 4625 Kilohertz nearly permanent exclusively noise or crackling that is interrupted at regular intervals by a short one second buzzing which reminds a bit of a fog horn.

By a commercially available shortwave radio receiver you can pick up the frequency. Since many years the scene of shortwave radio operators calls the mysterious station "The Buzzer".

The sequence of noise and hum is interrupted only in sporadic intervals, and a voice speaks in Russian numbers and names. Lots of fans of The Buzzer cut those special programs and publish them e.g. on SoundCloud.

The sound recordings used here come from the archive Temporary Internet Repeater UVB-76 which has been storing the broadcasts of UVB-76 for many years. You can receive the Buzzer online on the website WebSDR of University Twente,NL, not audible in daytime, click on maxin.

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