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Alvin Curran, The Docks, June 29th, 1985 in the Harbour of Kiel, Germany
Alvin Curran
The Docks, Environmental Concert for Ship's Horns (section)
June 29th, 1985 in the Harbour of Kiel, Germany, recorded by NDR, Kiel
The composition The Docks employs the horns of the ships, which are present in the harbour as its source. The individual parts are written in a simple graphic notation and designate entrances, durations and playing modes in minutes and seconds.
Some improvising is required. Parameters of the composition are only durations, rhythms and density of the sounds of the ships' horns, because the pitch is defined by the ships and their crews who participate at the concert.
25 ships in the harbour of Kiel took part in the concert, the concert was broadcasted live from 12:05 to 12:30. The concert was brought about through an iniative by Rolf Langebartels who too was the assistant director during the concert and organized its execution.
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