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Valentin Rothmaler, Ach, wie die Nachtviole lieblich duftet!
Valentin Rothmaler
Ach, wie die Nachtviole lieblich duftet!
Installation in collaboration with Anita-Marie Schuppan
Verborgene Gärten, International art project during the Landesgartenschau Wismar 2002 in the historical center of Hansestadt Wismar, April to Oktober 2002; curator Miro Zahra
"Ach wie die Nachtviole lieblich duftet!
- Spürst Du es nicht?"
Der Prinz von Homburg, von Heinrich von Kleist
There is a bench in the garden that differs by its sculptural shape obviously from the furniture of a garden coffee bar. On the right and on the left of the backrest hang earphones. They are connected to a CD-player. The visitors can listen to an endless CD that contains a sequence of names of flowers and plants sung like love whispering or songs of joy.
'More than half of the names of all native flowers are the sweet inventions of people in love, the secret language for the happy and unhappy, the divided and the ones, who are kept divided, the prisoners and closely confined people.' (Rudolf Borchardt)
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