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Drawing Galerie Giannozzo by Rolf Langebartels
Drawing: copyright by Rolf Langebartels
Walter Fähndrich
Music for Spaces, Giannozzo VI and VII
(Section from Giannozzo VI)
Giannozzo VI und VII were composed for both spaces of Gallery Giannozzo. The pitches of the used sounds were exclusively determined by the measures of the spaces.
The measures of the lengths and widths as well as the heights of the spaces are equal to the wave lengths of the sounds and therefor determine the frequences of the music. Likewise these measures yield the numbers for the frequences of the particular sounds. The sounds of the main measures (length, width, height) appear once per decimeter. In respect to the sounds of the secondary measures the clearness of their outline in the space decides about the frequency of their sounding.
The time units of the basic measures are 1/2 sec upstairs, 1 sec downstairs; the durations of one circulation are 6 min upstairs, 12 min downstairs. (for instance in the space upstairs: length=720 cm corresponds to a frequency of 47,6 Hz; the tone appears in that time of 6 minutes 72 times.)
VI und VII in the title mean the intervals sixth and seventh, i.e. the pitches of the length and the width of both spaces have a ratio of a major sixth (upstairs) bzw. of a major seventh (downstairs).
The music was published in 1985 (copyright) as an audio cassette in Edition Giannozzo Berlin.
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