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Installation in the Staircase

  - Schloß Plüschow, Mecklenburg 1992
The kinetic Wing Motor was constructed during the preparation of this installation.

Nearby the Artists' House of Plüschow there was the mechanical station of the former Agricultural Productive Association (LPG) from the times of the GDR. There I got a turnip knife and the warming stove of the LPG, which in winter was used during outdoor tasks. The turnip knife was rotated over the warming stove by a slowly running motor. That was controlled by a self built time interval control.

Exhibition Ortszeit, curator Christine Hoffmann,
Artists' House Schloß Plüschow, Mecklenburg,
May 1992 (catalogue)

  Wing Motor, Installation Schloß Plüschow, 1992
Wing Motor, Installation Schloß Plüschow, 1992, Photo: Rolf Langebartels


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