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Cable Car Music

  - sound installation, project since 1987

Rolf Langebartels performs concerts of site specific and improvised music in the installation Cable Car Music., i.e. solo concerts and concerts together with other musicians, who play Cable Car Music as well or other instruments like guitar or percussion.

Slide projections and videos sometimes complete a Cable Car Music concert to a kind of music theatre.

"But finally there were a few high lights: Rolf Langebartels improvised on a mechanical electronical cable car installation a meditative but unusually exciting music suite using cables, jerry cans and effect devices."

from Berner Zeitung, 23.7.1991

  Cable Car Music, Stichting Makkom, Amsterdam, 1987
Cable Car Music, Stichting Makkom, Amsterdam, 1987
Photo: Ralf Samens


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