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Performance Pair

  - from the project Cable Car Music, 1990

The carriages are driven by small electric motors and transport strings. The players can control speed and direction by two control pults, and they also can control the character of the movement of the objects. An object can be driven quickly, slowly, swinging, quietly, shaking, hurrying or in another way through the space.

" ... Already since 1985 Rolf Langebartels works on his project Cable Car Music. His sound installations, performances and concerts have expanded since then in many directions and they can be combined in different ways depending on the different places where they are shown and performed. With precision he uses electronic effects and image projection as his instruments for his investigation of space, movement und sound. This "bricoleur" wearing his white overall is nearly the personification of his motto: Let it roll."

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 22.12.1991

Performance Paar
Performance Paar, Photo: Rolf Langebartels


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