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  - five kinetic sound sculptures, 1997

A white ball is hanging from a thread in the air somewhat above eye-level, swinging lightly. Suddenly the ball falls down. It hits a circular metal disc. This event causes a sound with long resonance and with strong beats of overtones.

After a noticeable pause the ball is pulled up again by the thread and stops as before at eye-level. A strong sound could possibly stop the ball during falling down; in this case after a short break the ball is lifted again. Also the sounds of the other four sculptures are able to stop the active ball in the same way. These interferences of the five sound sculptures can be quite a surprise.

The five sculptures have sounds that differ in pitch and tone colour. Because each of the sculptures has different long pauses at the top and at the bottom their sounds are shifting all the time. The result is a sound pattern that changes permanently, but in the long term preserves its basic weaving structure.

Bild Skulptur Fallen
Bild Skulptur Fallen


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