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  - five kinetic sound sculptures, 1997

"Floating sounds make this sound installation a rich and surprising experience.

Like the sound sculptures react on the sounds of the visitors, they are also influenced by the sounds of the other sculptures. Sometimes the sounds follow each other in short intervals, sometimes longer. Hardly ever the sculptures sound all together at the same moment. They produce a sound pattern, which is not foreseeable and which is changing all the time. The sound installation of Rolf Langebartels confronts the visitor with a surprising and new term of sculpture.

To investigate the phenomenon of time in sculpture is the primary aim of Rolf Langebartels. The existence of time, its influence on things, its passing he tries to make visible in his sculptures. By the movement of the ball, by the tension between pausing and falling time becomes perceptible and comprehensible."

Rheinische Post, Mönchengladbach, Germany, August 18th, 1997

  Sketch Sculpture Falling  


Published by Irrah Verlag, Berlin

    Rolf Langebartels, CD-ROM Sculptures Falling
    Space Specific Stereophonic Recording, 51,01 Minutes
    Price 25 Euro plus 2 Euro for postage and packing.

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